„A sculpture develops in an embrace with two hands, as with love“

Max Ernst


Martin Wiese, Stone sculptor

Born in 1958, Martin Wiese has worked with the material stone since 1979 in many different fields. For the first twenty years of his career he worked primarily in the restauration of historical monuments. With this knowledge and experience he was drawn to Berlin in the mid 80s, where he was involved in the numerous projects which were being undertaken, due to the 750 year Celebration, on the the buidings, mausoleums and sculptures of the city.

Succeeding Berlin Martin Wiese also worked on various international historical buildings and sculptures in Turkey, in the cities of Istanbul, Pergamon,Priene and Side, as well as the restauration of Castle Amalienborg in Copenhagen. A particular highlight was the complete reconstruction of a Memorial Sculpture in south east Sri Lanka. The contract, which was finanzed by the German Foreign Office, lasted over a period of 3 years and Martin Wiese took on the project management.

In 1990 Martin Wiese moved to Freiburg in Breisgau, to complete his Master Carver qualification. The Black Forest became his home and in 2001 he opened his workshop on Maierhof in Sankt Wilhelm where he is to this day.

The current sculpture series, which he has seperated into the groups Fragments, Monoliths,Elements and Two stone cycles began in 2008. It is easy to see, in his work, the mutiple influences and inspirations of his varied undertakings over the past 30 years at home and abroad. Consequently many of his sculptures can be found in gardens, houses and company buildings – all over Germany as well as the neighbouring Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Allow yourself to be inspired and find your favourite amongst my pieces currently available.