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Aragon Bronze


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Flüsterer        Bronze


Mutter Erde Bronze


Agamemnon Bronze


Philemon & Baucis Bronze


„For many sculptors the material bronze, is the classical definition of finality and completion of his work“

Martin Wiese

Martin Wiese is an internationally acclaimed stone carver producing sculptures in stone with the occasional incorporation of metallic components.In 2017 he decided to expand his practice, and to cast a select few of his sculptures in bronze.

From each sculpture it is possible to cast up to eight archaeic and vibrant new works,each radiating an aura of depth and contrast with the resonance of a church bell.

For every bronze sculpture it is necessary to produce an original size wax mould. The mould is made through the process of lost wax technique. When the 1200 degree molten bronze has cooled the mould is destroyed and the scultpure can be laid free. After the process of sandblasting, welding, repousee, patination, brushing and waxing a unique sculpture comes into being.

Each individual bronze recieves a certificate of documentation.

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